The Fullbrook Alumni Advantage

The Fullbrook Alumni Advantage At The Fullbrook Center, we care about supporting our women post-recovery. We recognize that recovering from substance abuse, trauma and/or addiction is a lifelong process, which is why our alumni services equip and prepare our clients as they re-enter the real world.  While women are in treatment, they are in a … Read more

Recovery Story: Sarah

RECOVERY STORY: SARAH Sarah grew up in San Antonio, Texas and attended Texas State University. She joined a sorority and attended many parties and was introduced to alcohol. Everyone drank and partied like she did so she never thought she had a problem. Fast forward many years, Sarah’s drinking continued to progress. Life events extrapolated … Read more

Linking Trauma and Substance Use to the Different Attachment Styles

Attachment styles can play a significant role in the challenges faced while dealing with trauma and substance use. An attachment style refers to the different ways people interact and behave in their relationships. These styles are developed during our formative years and are reflective of the bond formed between an infant and their primal caregiver. … Read more

Art Therapy at The Fullbrook Center

art therapy

What is Art Therapy Art therapy is another therapeutic modality used at The Fullbrook Center to help those struggling with trauma and addiction. The goal of this therapy is to foster awareness, healing and mental well-being through creative expression. Many of those who have experienced emotional trauma, physical violence, domestic abuse, anxiety, depression, and other … Read more

A Closer Look at Commonly Abused Substances

The Link Between Trauma and Substance Use  It is not abnormal to hear that undergoing a traumatic experience can lead to drug or alcohol use. Here at The Fullbrook Center, our administrators and therapists are acutely aware that trauma-induced experiences can create emotional responses where substance use can and will occur. Immediately after a traumatic … Read more

EMDR at The Fullbrook Center

At The Fullbrook Center, we are committed to helping our patients overcome substance abuse and trauma by providing various forms of treatments, including Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR). EMDR is a form of psychotherapy used for victims of trauma and post-traumatic stress disorder to help clear targets. Targets are defined as situations or memories … Read more

The Setting Makes the Difference – About Our Tranquil Facility

At the Fullbrook Center, our clinical goal is to reinforce the mastery of the 12-Step Program concepts and principles with therapeutic interventions, using modern, evidence-based treatment modalities tailored to each individual client and we know that to do so, our facility plays a huge role in the equation. We understand that the environment this kind … Read more

How We Employ the 12-Step Program for Substance Abuse Recovery

Addiction is a constant battle and is filled with stigma, as it is not viewed as the illness that it is. Shifting a patient’s mentality of believing they are a bad person to an understanding that their addiction is an illness that needs treatment begins with properly explaining the 12-Step Program. At The Fullbrook Center, … Read more

The Case for Gender-Specific Substance Abuse and Trauma Treatment

Women Empowering Women in Recovery

At The Fullbrook Center, we envision creating an environment where women support women in their recovery journeys. We want to transform mindsets and break stereotypes that support the stigma that women cannot get along and work together much less empower each other. As women, we are each other’s best resource. Our mission is modeled by … Read more