The Fullbrook Alumni Advantage

At The Fullbrook Center, we care about supporting our women post-recovery. We recognize that recovering from substance abuse, trauma and/or addiction is a lifelong process, which is why our alumni services equip and prepare our clients as they re-enter the real world. 

While women are in treatment, they are in a sheltered, protected space. Our goal is to support our Fullbrook clients by gifting them with a special resource pack to use once they discharge. As we know, aftercare is a critical piece of the patient’s journey to long-term sobriety and healing. From the beginning of our relationship, we involve our clients in planning for aftercare. Additionally, we provide clients with a toolkit to ensure they won’t return back to their familiar ways. 

Our alumni resources include: 

  • Weekly support group, held via Zoom 
  • Local meetups 
  • Customized  aftercare recommendations 
  • Follow-up calls (occur within the first seven days, then 30 days, 60 days, 90 days, six months, and a year)
  • Access to our private alumni Facebook group
  • A list of relevant contacts

Each and every alumni resource was created to ensure that our women are supported and prepared to continue all the work they did while in recovery. Further, we hope to continue facilitating relationships and building a network of women supporting women while embarking in their sobriety journey.