Who Is The Fullbrook Client

A Fullbrook client is a woman who loves deeply, wants to feel the emotions that come with everyday life, and wants to be there for her family and friends.

However, trauma and substance abuse have blocked her from being a source of love and usefulness to those around.

Fullbrook clients are daughters who love their families but have become the focal point of constant fear and heartache within the family unit. They are mothers who would sacrifice their lives for their children but are unable to put down the bottle no matter how many times their children desperately plead.

They are the women who have found a way to blame everyone for their addictions in an attempt to point blame anywhere but inward. They are the women who have become belligerent, cruel, and violent to those they hold most dear.

They are the women who cannot differentiate true from false and have become convinced their addicted life and the way they behave from trauma is the only normal one.

They are the women who build structures of hope and forgiveness when they swear to their loved ones that this time will be the last –– only to tear them down with another baffling and heartbreaking spree.

Characteristics of Women
Who are Fullbrook Clients Before Treatment:


A Fullbrook client may feel isolated from the rest of the world, and as if no one can understand how they’re feeling. They feel isolated from themselves, feeling like they lost their sense of self. They want to find the way back but have no idea where to even start. They find themselves acting in ways that go against the image they set for themselves. They found that their problems have piled up on them and have become astonishingly difficult to solve.

Unable to Control Their Drinking

They are the women that have found themselves unable to control their drinking or using. They are the women who, when drinking, have little to no control over the amount they take. Despite the consequences or the promises made, they continue to drink and use even though they have sworn off and promised to stop altogether.

Trouble Trusting

A Fullbrook client feels like they lost the ability to trust others. They avoid things that remind them of their traumatic experiences. Sometimes their behavior is reckless and destructive. Other times it is aggressive and irritable.

Feeling Numb, Feelings of Heartache

Our women feel guilty and feel shame for feeling the way they do. Often, they have low self-esteem. Some are depressed and some have social anxiety. They find that it is impossible to feel what they want to feel. When they want to feel, their emotions seem unavailable and they are left numb and restless.

Unhealthy Behavior Patterns

All of it has caused them to have unhealthy relationships and unhealthy patterns of behavior; not because they lack the moral capability to do so, but because their wounds carried from trauma and the disease of substance use disorder have not been properly addressed.

Trauma Intertwined

Trauma and substance abuse are intertwined and need to be unraveled and approached in a therapeutic setting. They need a place where they can trust again, where they can learn to be vulnerable with other women and feel safe and loved in the process.

Breaking the Cycle of Trauma and Substance Abuse at Fullbrook

Here at Fullbrook Center, we are gender specific to fit the needs of our clients desperately seeking a way to break the cycle of trauma and substance use disorder.

We have walked the path of recovery. We know first-hand the harrowing experiences of addiction, as well as the relief and freedom of long-term, sustainable sobriety.

We have extensive knowledge on the effects trauma has on the brain, and how it affects the lives and behaviors of our clients. We specialize in the treatment of trauma and substance abuse.

How Women Feel After Fullbrook Treatment:

A Fullbrook client is a woman who loves deeply, feels fully, and contributes for her family and friends.

The women who go through treatment find a new freedom and happiness by working the steps and going through a thorough trauma treatment program at Fullbrook.

They transform from inner turmoil to experiencing inner peace. They learn to be useful to others and their attitude and outlook on life will change and become more trusting, less fearful and more accepting.

They will experience a new life because their trauma and substance use will be treated, and they will have tools to use when symptoms are felt.


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