Admissions Process

The Fullbrook Center’s admissions process is a meticulously designed journey ensuring both safety and comfort for incoming clients. Before reaching the facility, several preliminary steps are taken: 

Upon arrival at the center, clients and their families are warmly welcomed by a dedicated nurse and recovery advocate. As the clients’ luggage is taken care of, the nurse promptly checks their blood alcohol level and body temperature. After bidding farewell to their loved ones, clients are escorted to the medical offices to initiate the intake process. 

In the intake room, necessary consents are completed, and staff inventory the client’s belongings. This is followed by a comprehensive nursing assessment and consultation with our doctor, giving our medical team the needed information for your treatment stay. 

Next, clients will receive an informative campus tour, after which they will see their bedroom and meet fellow clients. We know the process of entering treatment can be overwhelming. Our compassionate staff will be with you every step of the way.

What Can I Do If My Family Member Doesn’t See the Need for Treatment?

At The Fullbrook Center, we recognize the pain and frustration that arises when a loved one struggles with addiction but doesn’t see the need for treatment. Understandably, it’s challenging to watch someone you care about refuse help or remain in denial. Thankfully, you’re not powerless. 

In such situations, professional intervention can be a transformative step. Intervention services work by gathering family and friends to communicate the gravity of the addiction and its consequences, fostering a loving and supportive environment that encourages treatment acceptance. 

At The Fullbrook Center, we can connect you to trusted intervention services across Texas, including Fort Worth, to help guide your family member toward the path of recovery. Remember, showing concern and seeking guidance is the first significant step in supporting your loved one.

Do You Have Concerns About Your Job Security While Receiving Treatment?

For many individuals battling addiction, the fear of losing their job can become a significant barrier to seeking help. The pressure to maintain a stable income and professional reputation can overshadow the immediate need for recovery. 

At The Fullbrook Center, we understand these concerns. Our dedicated team can assist clients in connecting with their Employee Assistance Program (EAP), protecting their jobs, and ensuring a smooth transition into treatment. Additionally, we provide guidance in completing the Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA) paperwork and the return-to-work process.

Don’t let the fear of losing your job keep you from getting the help you deserve. Call The Fullbrook Center today. 


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