women talking in an aftercare center

Aftercare, A Critical Piece In Long-Term Sobriety And Healing

According to Sprout Health Group, the odds for long-term recovery increases by 50% after one year of continued treatment. The Fullbrook Center believes that Aftercare is a critical piece of the patient’s journey to long-term sobriety and healing. Patients are involved in the entire process of planning, creating, and implementing their aftercare plan. It is important that they feel heard, and that their aftercare plan is customized to their individual needs. We understand that aftercare can be the difference between success and failure. Even if an individual has changed in 90 days, internally, clinically and spiritually, the world has not changed. Although our clients gain new tools, one tends to return to the same familiar tools without a plan in place for aftercare.

The Process of Creating an Aftercare Plan

During residential treatment, patients are being given the tools, support, and encouragement needed for long-term sobriety and emotional wellness. To help patients continue on their path to recovery, upon discharge, each patient and family are given a recommended clinical aftercare plan. The plans are individually tailored to each patient based on their situation and necessity. Patients, family, medical and clinical teams and the 12-step team each have the opportunity to discuss and alter the aftercare plan to accommodate any situation.

Aftercare plans are vital to recovery and are discussed as early as 2 weeks into treatment. Typically, aftercare plans involve a 90-day commitment and ideally, a lifetime commitment to therapy sessions. If doable, 90 days of sober living may also be incorporated into an aftercare plan. Aftercare plans are not a one-size-fits-all. Each aftercare plan takes into consideration a patient’s lifestyle, commitments, and responsibilities. Family is a huge component in treatment during recovery, and the same can be said for aftercare. Family therapy and individual therapy can be integrated into aftercare plans as needed.

We also encourage clients who have participated in aftercare to come back to The Fullbrook Center to mentor and assist other patients in their recovery. Our alumni are like family and empower each other when they are struggling. We hope to build a strong, supportive community that leans on each other, and we make it possible to do so because our doors are always open to anyone who wants to give back.

Aftercare Referrals

 Possible aftercare referral recommendations include:

  •   Continued therapy
  •   Psychiatric services, as needed
  •   Transitional living 
  •   Outpatient clinical programs
  •   Supportive services

The Fullbrook Center’s aftercare providers are personally vetted by staff and executives. We trust the work they do and trust them to provide the best possible care to our patients. While our providers are established and have a great reputation, we still commit to regularly inspecting and touring facilities to ensure we are offering the best options for our clients. 

Our Commitment to Patients

We are committed to providing individualized aftercare plans that provide the support and tools needed for long-term sobriety and healing. We will always ensure that our providers offer the best services, and that their values align with ours. Our team makes it easy to plan for your return to regular life and responsibilities by being the medium and taking the leg work out of it. Aftercare is embedded in our recovery treatment and we are here to help you every step of the way.