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Many individuals across Fort Worth, Texas, struggle with addiction and its consequences every day. Some have become dependent on drugs or alcohol as a way of dealing with mental health issues such as depression and anxiety. Their substance abuse can lead to problems with their health, their relationships, and their job. For this reason, The Fullbrook Center’s outreach office in Fort Worth, TX, provides support for those struggling to find a reputable alcohol or drug detox.

Those who struggle with addiction often avoid seeking professional help, opting instead to try detoxing on their own. While this may seem feasible, it can be dangerous and does not address the root causes of addiction. It is important for individuals to seek professional assistance in order to overcome addiction and address the physical and psychological dependence effectively.

At The Fullbrook Center, individuals struggling with addiction can find a supportive and healing environment to focus on their recovery. Located on 10 acres in the Texas Hill Country, our charming treatment center offers a solution for those seeking help for themselves or a loved one dealing with substance abuse.

If you or someone you know is struggling with a substance use disorder, contact our Fort Worth outreach office for more information on our detox center.

Why Choose the Detox Program at the Fullbrook Center?

Substance use disorders can be challenging to overcome without proper care. The Fullbrook Center provides an environment designed to reduce the stress of detox and alcohol withdrawal, allowing clients to start their long-term recovery journey in a comfortable home away from home environment.

Some facilities only offer detox services. At The Fullbrook Center, we combine a medically supervised detox with effective mental health treatment followed by inpatient rehab and aftercare planning. Our team of compassionate clinicians and licensed therapists is here to support you through the challenging early stages of recovery.

Many individuals also struggle with co-occurring disorders. Therefore, our detox program is designed to address an individual’s mental health and bodily needs. We treat the whole person, body, mind, and spirit, ensuring that our patients have the foundation needed to start recovery on the right foot.

Some of the benefits of our detox program include:

  • Access to a network of support from both staff and peers
  • A range of evidence-based treatment and holistic therapies
  • A distraction-free environment for focusing on recovery
  • Medication-assisted treatment for detox
  • Support and dual diagnosis treatment for co-occurring mental illness

When Do You Need a Detoxification Program?

Detox programs are typically the first step in the recovery process for individuals dealing with drug or alcohol abuse. These programs are designed to help clients overcome their dependence in a safe and controlled manner.

There are several signs that may indicate a person needs a drug and alcohol detox program, including:

  • Withdrawal symptoms when not using: If a person experiences symptoms when they stop using a substance, they have become physically dependent and will likely need a detox program. These symptoms can be physical or psychological and can vary in severity based on the substance and the person’s level of dependence.
  • Difficulty controlling substance use: If a person is unable to control their drug or alcohol use and finds themselves consuming more than they intended, it may be a sign of addiction.
  • Negative consequences due to an addictive substance: Substance abuse can have detrimental effects on physical and mental health, as well as relationships, work, and overall quality of life. If a client is experiencing negative consequences as a result of their use, it may be time to seek help.
  • Strong desire to quit but unable to do so: If a client is motivated to stop using but cannot do so on their own, a drug detox program can provide the necessary support and structure to overcome their addiction.

Withdrawal Symptoms Can be Deadly

The severity of withdrawal symptoms can vary depending on an individual’s level of addiction. If someone has been using drugs or alcohol in large amounts or consistently, they may be more severely addicted and therefore experience more intense withdrawal. On the other hand, someone who only drinks or uses drugs occasionally may not experience these same symptoms.

It’s essential to understand that individuals who are struggling with severe addiction may be more vulnerable to experiencing intense withdrawal symptoms and may benefit from seeking support from a healthcare professional, support groups, or an addiction treatment program.

Our detox program is designed to provide you with the support and care you need to end your dependency.

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What Happens After Detox

At The Fullbrook Center, we understand that individuals don’t heal from drug and alcohol addiction overnight. Once a client’s medical detox is complete and our medical professionals clear them, they can seamlessly transition into our residential treatment program.

While in our drug rehab center, clients will continue participating in group and individual therapy sessions. They will participate in family therapy, create a relapse prevention plan, attend alcoholics anonymous meetings, and take a deep dive into their past traumas.

After completing the detox process and a residential program, we encourage clients to continue their recovery journey in an intensive outpatient program. After discussing potential aftercare services, The Fullbrook Center connects clients with reputable outpatient treatment centers prior to discharge. These programs provide the additional support needed to overcome addiction and achieve long-term sobriety.

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A safe and effective detox plan is only the beginning. The other components of our detox center provide you with access to exceptional care and therapies.

The Fullbrook Center offers a unique experience at our charming Fredericksburg, Texas, facility. We provide numerous evidence-based treatments to create an individualized treatment plan for each person’s needs.

Our treatment program allows individuals to work through their mental and emotional stressors in a supportive environment. Supported by peers who share the same struggles, our clients can open up, connect, and heal.

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