The Fullbrook Center’s Founders

Jessica and Josh Slay

Jessica and Josh Slay are the proud founders of The Fullbrook Center. Though they started this journey together, they have each traveled a unique, impactful path to their current destination. About Jessica Slay Jessica Slay grew up in the small town of Belton, Texas. She completed her undergraduate degree at Texas State University and then … Read more

Aftercare, A Critical Piece in Long-term Sobriety and Healing

According to Sprout Health Group, the odds for long-term recovery increases by 50% after one year of continued treatment. The Fullbrook Center believes that Aftercare is a critical piece of the patient’s journey to long-term sobriety and healing. Patients are involved in the entire process of planning, creating, and implementing their aftercare plan. It is … Read more

How We Tackle Trauma at The Fullbrook Center

How We Tackle Trauma at The Fullbrook Center Trauma is defined as a distressing emotional response to any terrible event, experiences from childhood, family of origin, past relationships, etc. It can result from a single occurrence, a series of events, or even a set of repeated circumstances. We experience the same physiological symptoms when we … Read more