Due to the complexity of substance abuse and trauma, Fullbrook Center fully believes in the model of residential care. This provides patients with a safe and secure environment, where they have 24/7 clinical/medical care. Within a residential setting, patients are able to experience a full range of emotions and scenarios, while still in the safety of a secure, therapeutic environment. 

When substances and other unhealthy behaviors are removed from one’s life, they are now forced to fully experience and feel their emotions. Whereas this often leads back to substance abuse and/or harmful coping skills, patients in a residential setting are safe to feel without the possibility or opportunity to immediately resort back to these behaviors. This allows them to find new, healthy modalities for coping with their emotions, fears, and pains. This also allows them to access a support system in real-time.  

Once patients have completed a sufficient time in a residential setting, they are then able to practice their learned skills in the outside world.

Benefits of residential treatment at Fullbrook Center:


  • Women only 
  • Intimate & Comfortable
  • Leadership 
  • Community 
  • Being of service to others 
  • Stability
  • Safety
  • Accountability 
  • Real-time support
  • Learning the value of connection
  • Opportunity to re-establish self-worth & purpose


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