Substance Abuse
and Trauma Healing
for Women

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The Fullbrook Center is designed to fit the needs of women who fiercely want to find a way to break free from substance abuse and trauma. Our extensive knowledge and team of experts cultivate an environment of healing and long-term sobriety. Our programs include Detox, Residential, a Family Program and After Care. We are committed to helping clients succeed throughout their entire healing journey, from the time they arrive at Fullbrook to their life beyond their time here.


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How Women Feel After Treatment at The Fullbrook Center

A Fullbrook client is a woman who loves deeply, feels fully, and shows up for her family and friends. 

The Fullbrook Center provides treatment that contributes to client’s happiness and freedom by working the 12 Step Program and going through a thorough trauma treatment program. 

Our programs are focused on transforming a client’s inner turmoil to inner peace. We build their confidence and provide tools that create a trusting outlook on life, and allow them to become less fearful and more accepting. 

Clients will live a life of excellence and long-lasting sobriety with the tools and resources provided during treatment. They will have the tools to use when symptoms are felt and will experience a new life.